Jef Neve presents his new album, Mysterium:

In a world filled with readily available data and (fake?) facts, I feel the need, the urge, to seek the mysterious: Respect and a deep bow to the beauty of the unknown, the liberating joy of a child's innocence, the white blanket of serenity, the total absence of the exact and the surrender to the allencompassing. The music is complex and at the same time surprisingly simple, a balance I tried to keep during the entire composition process. The musicians have livened the scores with a sense of masterful craftsmanship and personal interpretations. And this is why I do this: after months of research in the deepness of my soul, the score comes alive through the first breath of life in the music; Ultimate beauty. For the instrumentation I was inspired by the massive sound of three tenor saxophones, which can sound both aggressive and soothing, or play freely improvised and strictly classical at the same time. I complemented these with trumpet and bass trombone, the two extremes of the brass sound gamma. Already confident with the sound of the piano and double bass from the beginning, these form the backbone, the foundation on which I built the compositions. Please join me and my band through this musical mystery, let go of the real world for a while and discover the feeling of relief at not understanding something.


Project Data

-piano: Jef Neve
-double bass: Jasper Høiby (DK)
-trumpet: Teus Nobel (NL)
-tenor sax: Nicolas Kummert
-tenor sax: Bruno Van der Haegen
-tenor sax: Andy Dhondt
-bass trombone: Pieter Kindt


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