If Mozart and Monk were brothers

A unique interchange between two musical cultures: on the one hand, a winner of the Queen Elisabeth Competition - a master of the classical oeuvre. On the other hand, a stubborn jazz virtuoso, with a broad view on the world. Together they bring a unique dual piano concert.

All inspired music starts with individuals who look for a translation of their emotions and pushing the musical boundaries. Add to this a great personality, a quirky character and a relentless work ethic, and you have the perfect recipe for music that survives.

Neve and Vanbeckevoort say about themselves "If Mozart and Monk Were brothers ..." "one grows up in a suburb of NY, the other in a provincial nest in Austria, however, they both have the same goal, each handles his own 'language". As performers, we therefore want to lay our soul in a musical expression with a very personal approach and everlasting passion for music. An evening full of inspiration, borrowed from the past, and today brought with devotion."

Project Data

Liebrecht Vanbeckevoort: piano - website
Jef Neve: piano


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