Jef Neve en Nicolas Kummert, the two most lyric musicians of the young generation in Belgian jazz unite with a typical American rhythm section showing us their utmost ‘groovy’ and ‘funky’ side. Above all they will bring pieces of their own work completed with some standards, performed by four talented musicians who want to make you dance or rock on beautiful ballads. To sit still will be impossible. Especially if you know who is behind: the bassist is one of the most asked ‘cats’ of the moment, the drummer’s name has become a household word on the New York’s jazz scene, the saxophonist made the ‘Ministry of Sound’ in London dance and the Belgian jazz pianist of the moment, whose roots are with the organ… WARNING: “Dancing is not forbidden, wiggling might be unavoidable”

Project Data

CD: "THe love album"
Jef Neve: Hammond
Nicolas Kummert: sax- Website
Nicolas Thys : bass - MySpace
Lieven Venken: drums- Myspace


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