Japan Tour 2015

Japan, June 12th-21st 2015.

Concerts in:

- Jiyugaoka Studio, Ibaraki, June 14th. A very small and cosy club, perfect to start the tour with. A very friendly owner came to welcome us personally and invited us later to his house for dinner.

-Cotton Club, Tokyo, June 16th. How nice to be back here again, it felt almost as my second home in Japan. The very friendly staff was waiting for me in the basement for their typical warm welcome, I had a fantastic time there! Such a nice people! After playing here for many years with different formations it was a real honor for me to play there solo and to see that the second concert was completely full!

-Motion Blue, Yokohama, June 18th. Partner of the Cotton Club in Tokyo, so this couldn’t go wrong, and it didn’t! Based in a very beautiful red brick warehouse, this modern club at the harbour of Yokohama has a stunning view. I met a lot of people that evening, including my most loyal Japanese fan who’s always there on my concerts.

-Lifetime, Shizuoka, June 19th. Shizuoka, a new city to discover, but I didn’t do it by myself. That evening I had the honor to perform in duo with the fantastic trumpet player and singer TOKU! A memorable night!!

-Ai Hall, Itami, June 20th. In this concert hall, again a new venue in Japan for me, close to Osaka, I finished this wonderful tour with an afternoon concert and I can’t wait to come back!

During this tour I had the chance to do lots of interviews, some at the concert venues, some at the headquarters of my record company Universal in Japan. Even a radio host (who has been doing his radio show for more than 40 years!) came over to interview me together with TOKU in Shizuoka.

Thanks to our booking agent Hirofumi Yamazaki (mocloud.com) we met a lot of people to make plans for the future.

Next year, we will be back and it will be a great project, keep on following!