Belgian jazz pianist Jef Neve: it's impossible not to feel awe each time he executes those extraordinarily fleet ripples or plunging, dramatic chord progressions that either build to rhapsodic climaxes or subside to a barely audible whisper. Photo: Jesse Willems

Jessica Nicholas

This time last year, the magnificent Sun Ra Arkestra landed at the Forum Theatre and played to a wildly enthusiastic audience for the Melbourne International Jazz Festival's inaugural Summer Sessions.

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Solo piano albums are precious and a landmark for the artist.  And this one, One byJef Neve is no exception, with seven impassioned own compositions and fresh interpretations of well known material such as Lush Life.

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Belgian Jazz pianist Jef Neve is possibly best known for his collaboration with singer José James on the excellent duet album from 2010, ‘For all we know’. However, Neve has longed wanted to test himself out in that most challenging of settings, namely the solo piano. This latest project was put together while touring and thus it was recorded at six separate studios over a thirteen day period. Similar to Duke Ellington, Jef Neve has drawn compositional inspiration from his travels and in this case that has meant writing while in hotels, airport lounges or on a tour bus.

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Met dank aan:

Frank Deboosere

Pat Krimson & Loredana

Paul Michiels

Maxine Michiels

Marcel Vanthilt

Peter Van de Veire

Kate Ryan

Andrea Croonenberghs

Koen Crucke


Helmut Lotti

Jelle Cleymans

Ben Roelants

Integratie-orkest Poco A poco

Karen Damen

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I'm nominated for 2 of the Music Industry Awards, category 'best musician' and 'best composer'! I want to thank all the people who supported me this year, my fans and my crew, because without them, there would be no nomination at all! follow ore vote on

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